Student Awards/Fellowships


  • Kirsten Viering: University of Texas Fellowship
  • Tongcang Li: Biedenharn Graduate Fellowship
  • Travis Bannerman: National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship
  • Adam Libson: University of Texas Fellowship
  • Gabriel Price: University of Texas Fellowship
  • John Robinson: University of Texas Fellowship
  • Martin Fischer: University of Texas Fellowship
  • Kirk Madison: Office of Naval Research Graduate Fellowship
  • Dan Steck: National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship
  • Dan Steck: Hertz Foundation Fellowship
  • Todd Meyrath: National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship


  • Springer Thesis Award
    Tongcang Li, Tom Mazur
  • 2010 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad
    Tongcang Li
  • Inaugural Jean Bennett Memorial Student Travel Grant of the OSA
    Tongcang Li
  • Humboldt Award
    Todd Meyrath
  • Physics Department Outstanding Dissertation Award
    John Robinson, Kirk Madison, Martin Fischer, Dan Steck, Gabriel Price, Tongcang Li, Tom Mazur
  • University of Texas Outstanding Dissertation
    John Robinson (finalist), Kirk Madison (finalist), Dan Steck (awarded)
  • Outstanding Dissertations in AMO Physics recognized by The American Physical Society
    John Robinson, (finalist), Dan Steck (awarded)
  • Council of Graduate School Outstanding Dissertation in Science and Engineering for 2003
    Dan Steck
  • Hertz Foundation Outstanding Dissertation Award
    Dan Steck
  • Walter E. Millet Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship in Physics
    Isaac Chavez